Why are sisal carpets becoming more and more popular?

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Why are sisal carpets becoming more and more popular?

When occupy the home, the floor should no one can be strange, delicate life begins from the change of the floor, carpet is a very good choice. Carpet as a household item, with reduced noise, insulation and decorative effects. With the development of carpet industry, carpet material is more and more, sisal hemp is one of them. So, what are the pros and cons of sisal carpets?

 Sisal carpet is a new kind of carpet with strong texture, acid and alkali resistance, dirt resistance and dirt resistance. After spinning, knitting, gelatinizing, vulcanizing and other processes, fine workmanship, strong durability, meet the needs of modern people. How does sisal carpet maintain? What are the advantages and disadvantages of sisal carpet?

Sisal carpet features - pure natural


Sisal carpet is a kind of carpet made of pure natural materials, which brings the characteristics of safety and environmental protection to sisal carpet. In addition to safety and environmental protection, there are automatic adjustment of air humidity function. That is to say, if the air is moist, sisal carpet will actively absorb moisture, if the air is dry, sisal carpet will release its own stored water.

 Sisal carpet features - pest control

 Sisal carpet no matter how long it is used, can maintain the fragrance of a natural herb of oneself. The smell is soothing, but unpleasant to the mosquitoes. So sisal carpet, still can have the function that prevents mosquito, also because of this, even if need not mothballs, sisal carpet also need not worry about moldy moth.

 Sisal carpet features - health care function


Sisal is a kind of pure natural material, just like mugwort, which can be used to relax the scriptures and promote blood circulation. Sisal also has such functions. When you are at home, you can take off your shoes and walk around on the sisal carpet, which is a good way to relax your muscles and blood. At the same time, smelling the smell of sisal can make you feel comfortable.

 Anyone who USES some chemical fiber carpets knows that they are prone to static electricity, especially in the fall or winter, and static electricity can be very annoying. But for sisal carpet, whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, because sisal carpet can self-regulate water, so it will not produce static electricity.

Sisal carpet and other carpet are different, water absorption is stronger, but because it has this one characteristic, cause it is easy to follow environmental change and shrink or expand, the size that should consider sisal carpet specification when laid, even if choose specification dimension moderate as far as possible expand or shrink also won't bring too big effect.

placed in a more restrained environment, should choose a smaller sisal carpet; Place in open bright place, should choose slightly bigger sisal carpet. In overcast when, carpet bibulous expand can be put below sunshine air basks in; When burning sun is sorchy, carpet shrinkage can take clean, increase the moisture of fiber inside carpet, let carpet dimension restore original sample.