Sisal fiber encyclopedia

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Sisal fiber encyclopedia

Sisal hemp, also known as Baltic hemp, is a perennial leaf fiber crop. As a hard fiber widely used at present, it is a kind of common agave plant, and also a kind of perennial, fleshy, xerophytic herb, which mainly obtains fiber from leaf sheath. Due to the characteristics of hard fiber is white, tough (tensile strength, elastic, not easily broken, and less gum, not easy to slip and other characteristics, so it can not be casually replaced.

Because of the above characteristics, sisal fiber can be widely used in fishing, navigation, mining, transportation and other required various specifications of the rope, such as fishing net rope, drilling rope, wood rope, hay bale rope, steel rope core and ship, sea ship, fishing boat and other cables, canvas, tarpaulin, aircraft, automobile and other vehicle tire curtain. Can also weave sacks, paste wallpaper curtain cloth, carpet, wadding pad, doormat, etc. During the processing of sisal leaves, 100~200 kg short fiber will be produced for each ton of long fiber, which is quite considerable. Can be used for general ropes, insoles, sun hats and handbags and other daily necessities. In addition, it can be mixed with plastic and pressed into hardboard, made into ceiling, door and furniture such as tables and chairs; It is mixed with tong glue to make sofa mattress, and mixed with cement to make fiber marl board and fiber cement tile. It can also be made into fiber asphalt auxiliary materials for paving the road. To be made into paper, such as banknotes, aviation, nautical drawings, etc.; Can also be used as a sofa and other fillers.

In addition to the traditional industrial supplies, it is through the sisal fiber and glass fiber blending with phenolic resin, the preparation of the fiber hybrid composites, bending strength, bending modulus of the composites, the notched impact strength, electrical and mechanical properties such as water immersion resistance appears positive hybrid effect, water absorption performance is low, no impact on performance. It is a new industrial composite material with high strength, wear resistance and comprehensive performance. The yield will be reduced if the quantity is taken out. The records of ramie reproduction in Nongsang Chi Are relatively complete: sexual reproduction goes through several stages including seed selection, seedling raising and transplantation; There are three kinds of asexual reproduction: root splitting, plant splitting and layering. The advantages and disadvantages of sexual and asexual reproduction are discussed in detail. The book "Soil agriculture must be used" described the receiving period of ramie as: "seedling for the first hemp, chaff for the second hemp, frost for the third hemp". "Sprout 5 by the root, and reap the root naked". The method of Ramie Planting by Huang Houyu in the Qing Dynasty introduced a whole set of ramie cultivation techniques and wrote 29 pieces of them, which left valuable experience and wealth for later generations. They still have certain practical value and enlighten later generations.

In the import and export trade of sisal, the world has been increasing, but the sisal fiber produced by China can hardly meet the domestic needs of China, China has to increase the import of sisal fiber every year.