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Omnipotent "green plant" sisal, can guard against theft, make clothes to do blanket, white flower is very beautiful, whole body is treasure

Sisal has a kind of inherent "momentum", which is not any other plant, it is resistant to high temperature, 40 degrees of temperature, still grow not wrong, encountered a week of heavy rainfall weather, will not have any impact on its growth, poor, drought resistance, fear of waterlogging, vigorous growth, strong ability to adapt to the environment. It attracts no worms and is not susceptible to disease.

Sisal leaves very hard, sharp blade, apex acute, can easily give through the person's skin, every summer, sisal, from middle may pull a HuaJian can have about 1 meter of length, issued a white petals, very beautiful, is a bunch of flower petals, is not a "beautiful" words can describe, a lot of people in the countryside outside the walls all kinds of sisal, has the effect of guard against theft, sisal actually also can be made into all kinds of articles for daily use.

In Kenya, the majority of sisal, after processing for export to China, dubai, Manhattan, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, the richer countries or regions, Kenya's famous is the "carpet", is woven by hand all the way, is not only a sturdy that simple, the key is enough "delicate" carpet in Kenya.

The carpet made of sisal hemp is tough and wear-resistant. It is not worn out for 100 years. Kenya's environment is more suitable for the growth of sisal hemp, and the carpet produced is also good.

Kenya's "flower and green plant" industry is one of the three major sources of economy, and the exported carpet is the main one. Sisal hemp is hand-picked, dried, processed and made into carpet and clothing, which feeds a large part of the farmers in Kenya.