Sisal carpet daily maintenance and cleaning methods

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Sisal carpet daily maintenance and cleaning methods

1. Daily maintenance:

To prevent mildew, sisal carpet weekdays should be put in dry and ventilated environment.

If have water or other liquid asperse to go up in carpet surface, should use in time clean and the cloth that can absorb moisture, avoid moisture to stay in the surface and form limber, do not wipe with cloth, this can make wet area increases only.

If sisal carpet appears moldy circumstance, because the environment that USES may be too damp, local moldy can use the following method cleanness: mix with sprayer a liquid bleach to add 6 water, after waiting for complete mix, spray goes up in moldy part, with softer brush gently wipe those grow the moldy on carpet. After 5-10 minutes, dry with a clean cloth or blow-dry the cleaned part with a hair dryer.

2. Cleaning method:
We recommend vacuuming sisal carpets daily or weekly. If stained with dirt, you can use a sprayer to mix a small amount of detergent and warm water, to be completely mixed, spray a small amount of mixture on the side of the cloth to be cleaned, and then wipe with a clean cloth. After cleaning, make sure sisal carpet edge can be dry and clean as soon as possible.