The effect and function of sisal carpet

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The effect and function of sisal carpet

1、Sisal carpet has the effect of sound absorption and noise reduction, it also has corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics, if accidentally discarded cigarette butts in sisal carpet, do not worry about the carpet will leave more obvious traces.

2、Sisal carpet has the effect that promotes blood health care, it won't release the chemical gas that is harmful to human body outside, and can send out a plant some faint scent. In daily life, walking barefoot on the ground can also help to relax muscles and blood circulation.

3、Sisal carpet has good sound-absorbing, anti-skid and heat preservation effects. Its rich material can effectively block the sound from the lower layer, reduce the reflection of the sound, and make the indoor sound more clear. When people walk on sisal carpet, they will not make any sound, so that the bedroom environment is more quiet.

4、Sisal carpet has a better role in keeping warm, it can be a good barrier to the cold of the ground, let the family feel particularly warm. Additional, sisal carpet still has the function that regulates humidity, when indoor humidity is too high, can absorb redundant moisture effectively, let air humidity maintain balance.

5、Sisal carpet is a carpet, material is thick, soft, barefoot walking on the ground, will feel more, soft, often walk is not easy to fatigue.