How does sisal carpet maintain

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Sisal carpet cleaning

No matter how good the anti-fouling performance of sisal carpet, daily or to do a good job of cleaning, if the cleaning is not done, sisal carpet is easy to break down, the service life is also greatly shortened. In use, should pay attention to the removal of carpet surface stains. If the carpet surface has oil stains, can be cleaned with lemon water, when cleaning with a brush with lemon water, gently wipe the carpet surface, and then rinse with clean water, so that can achieve decontamination effect. If there are tea or coffee stains on the carpet surface, wash it with laundry detergent.

Maintenance of sisal carpe

For sisal carpet maintenance, mainly through dust removal and balance force. A lot of dust often can collect on carpet, apply vacuum cleaner to absorb dirt everyday, even if not so frequent, also should a month vacuums. Additional, carpet each place bears force strength to differ somewhat, if trudge same position continuously, carpet surface local position is worn badly, look very ugly, should try measure to undertake protecting. When trample, attention does not often step on same position or same side, turn over carpet to continue to use as far as possible.