Develop new sisal fiber products and constantly create new demands

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he traditional USES of sisal fibre, such as making ropes and sacks, have a limited future. It is not possible to consume large quantities of sisal fiber materials, although the market for carpets, abraser fabrics and cable core bundles has increased in recent years. At present, the demand for sisal fiber is greater than the supply, the sisal production enterprises in China should take precautions, actively explore the potential utilization ways of sisal fiber, including textile and non-textile USES, and carry out imaginative research in the use of sisal fiber to produce other products. In textile applications, the development of sisal fiber products is urgent to accelerate the research of sisal processing and processing equipment, so as to improve the spinnability and weavability of sisal fiber. In non - textile applications, sisal hemp in the pulp application has attracted great attention. In fact, in the early 1980s, Brazil was already using a large amount of sisal fibre to make pulp, a project with a huge potential market. In addition, the natural fiber has cheaper prices, better hardness characteristics and unit weight is better than that of glass fiber, thus it can be find more USES for sisal fiber composite, such as housing construction and boat manufacturing, while the implementation of these potential market need in technology research, market development, etc, to make a lot of work, but the increase demand of sisal fiber, promote the sustainable development of the sisal industry in China is of great significance.