What is sisal used for? USES have cool blood, detumescence, detoxification

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What is sisal used for? USES have cool blood, detumescence, detoxification

Cold blood

Sisal is a plant of the Agave family. It is widely distributed in southern China and has been cultivated for its medicinal properties. It is a commonly used blood-cooling drug that can treat diseases caused by blood fever. This kind of disease is very common among modern people, especially the people who often work overtime and stay up late, or the people who often need to socially drink wine, will be easily irascible rise, and then produce a lot of uncomfortable symptoms, such as oral ulcer and constipation, can be recuperated through sisal. Its effect is relatively mild, will not cause cold too heavy consequences, so you can rest assured to use.

The swelling

Sisal also has the effect of reducing swelling, and in this respect is very versatile. For example, for the swelling caused by the poison in the body, we can take sisal to treat it internally, and we can see the curative effect very quickly. In addition, it is blindly treatment of hemorrhoids medicine, through internal and external use, can make the symptoms of hemorrhoids disappear in a short time, but also reduce the pain of patients. Internal administration can be decocted with water to promote the dissolution of the active ingredients, can be absorbed by the digestive tract, and quickly act on the diseased parts, play the role of swelling and pain.


The efficacy of sisal is also reflected in the detoxification. In the areas where sisal is produced, its good effects have long been recognized and are often used in daily life. For example mosquito bite happens in the life, often extremely itchy hard to endure, at this time can take fresh leaf after tamper apply the place that bites, it can be quick and wonderful effect, dissolve foreign poisonous substance, and reduce allergic symptom, can make the problem of redness and swelling disappear already, can reduce the pain of the person again.