Import sisal carpet advantages and disadvantages and points to note

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Import sisal carpet advantages and disadvantages and points to note

Sisal carpet is a new kind of carpet, which is made by spinning, knitting, gluing and vulcanizing, etc. It has fine workmanship and strong durability, which meets the needs of modern people. Imported sisal carpet has a lot of advantages, there are also a lot of disadvantages, we should understand clearly before the choose and buy. What are the advantages and disadvantages of imported sisal carpet?

The advantages of sisal carpet

Sisal carpet is made of natural sisal fiber and contains no chemical additives. It is a kind of green household products. Compared with wool carpet, sisal carpet has the advantages of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no static electricity, and pressure resistance. It is also very convenient for cleaning. There is no need to take it to a dry clothes shop or laundry, and it can be washed directly with water.

Sisal carpet is also easy to weave, woven texture tough, wear resistance and non-slip, is a better quality of carpet products. Because of its fine textile, made of fiber, so it has the effect of moisture absorption and waterproof, suitable for different solar terms, can adjust the environment and air humidity.

The defect of sisal carpet

Sisal carpet is put under the sun too long easy change color, because this does not put the place with stronger ultraviolet ray. In addition, compared with wool carpet, sisal carpet is not so elastic, more rigid, comfort is not enough. If the carpet is broken, repair up more trouble, the proposal is thrown away directly.

Precautions for sisal carpet layin

1, before laying sisal carpet, should decorate the bedroom first, if not decorated directly laid imported carpet, carpet is very easy to destroy because of the follow-up decoration project.

2. When laying sisal carpet, the ground should be kept flat and smooth without dirt. If there is dirt, it should be cleaned with detergent first.

3, in the process of laying imported carpet, should reasonably arrange the household around the imported carpet, to avoid furniture move touch the carpet, resulting in carpet damage.

4, after the import carpet is laid, the application of a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the carpet surface and then use.

Sisal carpet laid in two ways

Non-fixed: non-fixed laid sisal carpet refers to the carpet is not directly fixed on the ground with solid glue, but through cutting and joining together the import carpet to the carpet whole spread on the ground, repair the position of the edge of the import carpet.

Fixed pattern: fixed pattern laid imports sisal carpet to point to to use adhesive or double sided glue to stick imports carpet on the ground, before pasting, should cut imports carpet first after splice into a whole.