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  • Jiangsu dada ma textile technology co.,LTD.As a leading enterprise in The scale of Liuqiao Town, its output value, tax payment and staff wage level ranked among the top in Liuqiao Town in 2017. The quality of the company's steel wire rope sword and hemp rope core is in the lead in China, and its products are in short supply.

    Due to the need to expand production, the proposed workshop block more than one, easy to learn, no experience. The age requirement is under 50 for males and under 45 for females; Healthy, hard-working, practical, practical and capable.

    Salary : Piece rate  about 4000-5500 per month.

    Welfare treatmentPay five guarantees, monthly full attendance award, holiday welfare goods or tokens, the road is far can be arranged dormitory.

    Another recruit lathe operators, welders, a salary negotiable.

    The registration address:No. 8, Fengxian Road, Liuqiao Town (Reception Room, South Factory of Dada Company)

    Please bring your ID card when you sign up

    Please bring your ID card when you registerMr. Song:+86-18962790613 / Mr Lu+86-18360007761