Nine tasks for the industry development this year

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Nine tasks for industry Development this year:

Rst, actively guide the orderly development of enterprises, pay attention to product varieties, quality and differentiation, dislocation management, avoid product homogenization, prevent a swarm of simple expansion of hemp textile production capacity, to avoid the industry's ups and downs.

Second, to further strengthen the publicity of flax textile products, to overcome the difficulties, the active use of various media, means of publicity, resource platform for publicity.

Third, further efforts should be made in increasing investment, improving technological process and upgrading equipment level.

Fourth, promote the brand strategy of hemp and textile, vigorously promote and cultivate a number of hemp and textile brand enterprises, and recommend the real high-quality hemp products in the industry to users and consumers.

Fifth, actively carry out standard work and certification work, gradually improve and supplement the current standard system, and implement bidding system for standard formulation projects with conditions.

Sixth, organize yarn and fabric inspection and evaluation, as well as the market connection between upstream and downstream enterprises and products, and promote excellent enterprises and high-quality products to the downstream industry.

Seventh, China flax conference will be organized to further explore the Chinese market, expand domestic demand, and further publicize and promote flax textile products.

Eighth, make full use of specialized committees to carry out specialized activities, so as to study, communicate, coordinate and solve problems encountered in the operation of different industries.

Ninth, actively call for, coordinate and establish contact channels and coordination mechanism with flax textile equipment manufacturing enterprises through various means to increase research and development efforts in modernization, automation and intelligentization of flax textile equipment.

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